Magic bitboards

Magic bitboards are a relatively recent development used in most modern chess engines. They are a bit difficult to understand though. Bitboards use an integer (usually a 64-bit unsigned) to store 64 individual boolean values. For chess they are perfect, because a single integer can story information about the entire board. For example, an integer could store information about which squares contain a white piece. Read more

Ataxx engine

We’ve started working on the ataxx engine. For the board representation we’ll be using bitboards implemented in Java. Using C with the NDK would probably be faster, but staying in Java we can target more devices. The older Android API’s only support ARM processors. Using a higher Android API would target tablets with Intel processors, but with plain Java our app will run on almost all Android versions.


AtaxxWe’ve just started our Studio Cypress blog. At the moment we’re working on an Ataxx implementation for Android. Watch these pages for screenshots and development news.